Universal Tech Associates

is a consortium of high-power global partnerships working with emerging technologies in the current global marketplace. The opportunities we represent are the with the largest corporations, marketing agencies and global investment groups in the world. Including our direct relationship with Wirthlin Worldwide.

Who we represent and partner with #
Big DATA opportunities for companies that hold are and are looking to access data worldwide on a global scale.
New emerging technology companies that are scalable for global market development.
Marketing agencies and technologies with business models that can be incorporated into large scale global initiatives.
Agencies in Asia and other sectors outside of the United States looking to take their model into the United States and North America.
Universal Tech Associatesinitiatives are built in partnership directly with WirthlinWorldwide with access to 1st world and other governments, billion-dollar corporations and over 30 years of developed relationships. Please click here to learn more about this relationship and how it relates to your engagement with us. Learn more about the Universal Tech Associates and WirthlinWorldwide relationshipOur strategic bundling of technologies to meet the demands of our global partnerships.#
The US BasedAS WELL AS GLOBAL strategy of Universal Tech Associates involves an integration of independent technologies and methodologies bundled with the needs of corporations, government and billion-dollar agencies worldwide. Especially those that are specific to the Japanese marketplace.
this approach,
The technology and marketing agency partners we represent have the possibility of bundling with non-competing but highly complementary technologies in a blended platform.

Each technology, we introduce into an ecosystem, must be capable of successful performance in Asia WWW a particular emphasis in Japan and other markets on a standalone Asia. However, when bundled together the disparate technologies we introduce work together as a powerful new suite of solutions that our global partnerships are seeking.
Our current portfolio of tech and marketing companies Please have a review of our current global technology and marketing projects we are currently representing in the global marketplace. These companies and technologies are filling the current landscape of the potential relationships being developed. WE ARE LOOKING TO EXPAND and invite you to see if you qualify.